China-Pak JWG delegation meets Chairman Pakistan Agricultural Research Council

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The delegation of Pak-China Socio-Economic Joint Working Group (JWG) led by Li Jun Deputy Director and Associate Professor Institute of Oil Crops at Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences met with Dr Muhammad Azeem Khan, Chairman PARC at Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC). Both heads exchanged views on the bilateral cooperation in the agricultural sector under the CPEC where Chairman PARC appreciated China for helping Pakistan modernise its agro-industry. Muhammad Azeem underscored that socio-economic development and agriculture are added in the CPEC. Both parties discussed ideas of mutual interest to expand cooperation. Some ideas shared were Joint Agricultural Technology Laboratory, Pakistan Agricultural Vocational Training, and China-Pakistan Rural Poverty Reduction Joint Research Project. Chinese delegation examined the socio-economic conditions of Pakistanis for two weeks and prioritised 27 projects.

ISLAMABAD, (APP – UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 4th Dec, 2019 ) :A delegation of Pak-China Socio-Economic Joint Working Group (JWG) headed by Li Jun, Deputy Director and Associate Professor Institute of Oil Crops, Chinese academy of Agricultural Sciences here on Wednesday visited Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) and met Dr. Muhammad Azeem Khan Chairman PARC.

Pak-China collaboration in agriculture sector under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Project came under discussion, while Chairman, PARC acknowledged the support of China in various projects of PARC.

He gave a detailed presentation about PARC, its mission and vision to achieve sustainable food security and poverty alleviation through knowledge and innovation and also briefed the delegation about presence of PARC in the country, national agricultural system of the country.

He also highlighted the Pakistan agricultural scenario and PARC major achievements. Chairman, PARC further added that agriculture and socio economic development were also included in Pak-China Economic Corridor Project (CPEC).

During the meeting, Pak-China experts also exchanged the agricultural information and discussed the areas of mutual interest to accelerate the development of agriculture sector in Pakistan.

The Projects of the socio-economic development under CPEC were also discussed that including China Pakistan Joint Agricultural Technology Laboratory, Provision of Agriculture Equipment and tools, Pakistan Agricultural Vocational Training, China-Pakistan Rural Poverty Reduction Joint Research Project, Drinking Water Equipment Supply.

Through a two-week study and filed investigation by the Chinese expert group in Pakistan, both sides have already shortlisted 27 projects as priority projects based on exchange of opinions, considering the local needs.

On the occasion, Deputy Director Institute of Oil Crops, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences discussed the mutual priorities for development in agriculture sector under Pak-China Socio Economic joint Working Group. The Chinese delegation appreciated the PARC’s role of collaboration with international partners for the development of agricultural sector in Pakistan.

The Chinese delegation was of the view that this meeting would be proved fruitful to further strengthening existing collaboration between the both countries and said that China was intended to provide help in different agriculture research projects being carried out at NARC and also aims assistance for training of NARC’s agriculture scientists according to their field.

The Delegation also visited National Agriculture Research Center (NARC) and took keen interest in research activities being carried out at NARC.


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