Athar’s Marketing Network

is the largest marketing network around the world having its offices in many cities of Pakistan and also worldwide agents. The Company offers only 3D investments. 3D investment means House, A Shop, An Office or some Building. A 3D invest ment brings you a good rental value as well as mature sale value too In the recent years, investors have seen a severe fluctuation and decline in static investments like plots file etc. Where you have can’t get a single penny until you sell it. Whereas investing in the buildings can bring best rental values and also 100 % maturity cash values at the time of sales . We start with extensive research and accomplish with the matured implementation right from the first step to property planning and profit placement. The research department keeps real estate agents in syne with the latest and in vogue information that help us drive any challenge successful and profitable. We understand that all clients have unique needs and we strive to custom tailor program to accomplish each individual’s goals and dreams. we will listen and work relentlessly for you this is our promise. The Athar’s Marketing Network has witnessed considerable growth and success during the past two decades and, whilst real estate markets have not been immune to the pressures caused by the global investment decisions.”

When we discuss about gwadar or real estate. Athars Marketing Network reflects its name due to its best services all our the world. Due to its 3S (Services, Soulution and Support) Good reputation and intelligent staff, people free to discuss about real estate. We provide a broad array of real estate services including representing sellers in listing, buyers on purchase of properties. Our accessible and experienced team members offer innovative solutions, efficiently and accurately The AMN ( Athar’s Marketing Network) is Known for its commitment, quality and reliable services. AIM While we are all in business of generating customer and revenue, the means of wish couldn’t differ any more than it does. we all accomplish Many business concern still rely on traditional, old school, out bound marketing methods of advert many others have taken part of the dramatic shift to web based marketing, with the changes taken place In the world of marketing and advertising there’s is one thing stay the same the purpose of marketing Marketing involves promoting a product or service to the customer in hopes of creating a recognized brand increasing company revenue. Sale involves coming to agreements with customer who commit to purchase of product or service.

When combined as a position-a sales and marketing manager can actually work better as a calibrated unit in marketing efforts and material One of our key aim is to ensure the success of market for investor and users alike. Equally important is our aspiration to create a desirable and dynamic city /shopping and business complex for modern life style. PROPER MARKETING PLAN The company has proper marketing plan to attract investors. We believe to facilitate the upcoming buyers to create an urge to buy property when in their budget because investment in property can bring a good return in shape of rent and sale value. Thus we can attract such investor who have been ruined in Lahore and Dubai investment. We engage proper marketing field staff to attract such old investor for low cost houses 4 5 and 6 Marla plot this can bring revolution in the market. STRATEGY A Marketing plan explains how to put your strategy into action. It will set marketing budget and deadlines, but it will also tell you how you ar going to target customer-whither that is through advertising by print/ electronic media. Hold seminars. Festival/ workshop. Networking and direct marketing and so on.

When to talk to your customer. Timings your activites to fit their buying cylces that will save money maximize sales Finally the marketing plan should look to the future. It should outline how you follow up sales and what you are doing to develop the offer. With any marketing plan progress should be regularly measured and revieved, if not working then set new target as your market changes. GROUP HOLDINGS Partnership- registered under Partnership Act 1932 Athar’s Marketing Network.