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5 Places of Gwadar to visit before 2017 ends.

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Another year is about to end, and many resolutions for 2017 you made remained incomplete. Before you enter the Depressing December, we have got a new plan for you! So, we say, “There’s still time to end 2017 well” – Visit these five places of Gwadar, and checkmate an adventure overdue!

Yes, I just said “Gwadar”…

Unlike the idea of sand and wilderness that comes to your mind when you hear ‘Gwadar’ – it is a beautiful place. It’s an extraordinary mix of sea, sand, mountains and a national park so before modernization completely hits Gwadar, you should take a chance to visit the native Gwadar.

So, are you ready to find out that right under nose were five really great places in Gwadar sitting and waiting there for you? Come along then!

1. The Amazing Hammerhead Shaped Gwadar Port

This iconic site in Gwadar and its port is a such a dreamy place. For a moment, you might see it as a Hammerhead whale statue in the Gwadar Sea. But in truth, the mud from Volcanos took an interesting approach and gave Gwadar an iconic landmark – And the sea view of relishing blue waters of Arabian Sea is mind-blowing.

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2. Ormara – In memory of Alexander’s General

We have always have heard about Sindh being the gate for Great Emperors to enter this region of Sub-continent – thus Karachi. But did you know, that Alexzander the Great had chosen Gwadar for his forces to rest?
In fact, the point Ormara is named after Ormuz, a highly regarded General of Alexandra’s Army. Ormara is the point in the Arabian Sea that is halfway from Karachi and halfway from Gwadar. Currently, Pakistan Navy has Ormara under their control. The sight of ‘massive Pak Navy crafts proudly standing in the Arabian Sea’ is worth visiting Ormra in Gwadar.

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3. The Historical Not-So-Sure Giant Sculptors

You would be surprised to know, that Gwadar certain rocks that look like Giant Ancient Sculptors. There’s speculation is, they are human-made when there’s more hint that nature has its ways. Among these rocks, the one resembles the Egyptian Sphinx, and another seems like a possible statue of Queen – that time has changed their forms. Either way, they are pretty amazing! Wouldn’t you like to post some selfies with the Sphinx and Queen of Gwadar? Go go go!

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4. The Spectacular Hingol National Park

It’s such a pity that we often know more about national parks of Africa and overlook the heritage of own country. The Hingol National Park is costal semi-dessert in Gwadar that is a home to more than hundreds of species from the animal kingdom. The lavish Canyons there and rock formations are the pleasant places for camping! Oh, and the Hingol Mud Volcano is astonishing. This Volcano throws up cold mud out, and if you love the smell of dirt, there’s your treat.

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5. The Astonishing Astola Island

The idea to be on the land while surrounded by magnificent sea under a blue sky is not something that only Captain Jack Sparrow can enjoy – The seven-hills island of Gwadar is your chance. The Astola island in a district of Gwadar, known as Pasni, has this adventure ready for you.

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Gwadar has all sorts of great places to visit, and as the development is taking place, there’s no reason to enjoy the inherent beauty, while buying MacCrispy or Sub from McDonalds and subway there.

So, are you going to make your 2017 end splendidly? Share your plans with us in comments below.

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